Episode #41 – Bridging The Fence: Using Interrogation Skills To Negotiate And Vice Versa With Michael Reddington

IVZ 41 | Interrogation Skills

  When people hear the word interrogation, it’s usually associated with crimes or just accusations in general. But what if you can use interrogation skills used in investigations to also close a business deal? Michael Reddington is a Certified Forensic Interviewer and the President of InQuasive. He explains the techniques used in interrogations and how they can be utilized in business negotiations. Michael also details the key differences and similarities between the two and their use in different […]

Episode #15 – Imagination Opens the Window to Possibilities with Meghan Gardner

  Many people think of negotiation as a taking process, one with clear winners and losers. However, negotiation is fundamentally about giving and receiving.  Join Christine McKay for this dynamic interview with Meghan Gardner, Founder of  Guardian Adventures. We talk about how Meghan’s rich experience, drawn from using live-action role-playing (LARPing) to help kids gain autonomy and agency to working in hospice care, informs negotiation. There is a lot to learn about negotiations from the power of storytelling and gaming.  — Watch the episode here Listen to the podcast here Imagination Opens […]

Episode #6 – Find the Good and Keep Going with Nick Yousif

  What do you get when you combine a lawyer, a comedian, and a chocolate maker? Today’s guest, Nick Yousif, of course. Nick tenaciously pursues his dreams across his varied interests and frequently proves his naysayers wrong. In this episode, he joins Christine McKay to share his exciting journey. Nick talks about how he sees himself taking on the big guys in his chocolate business and what he’s doing to maintain control of his products, vision, goals, and how that informs his negotiation strategy.  He also talks about how he used comedy to relieve tension in […]