Episode #14 – Inventing Opportunities and Negotiating for Success with Andre Champagne

  Sometimes, you just have to dive into the deep end and figure things out on the way. Negotiation requires flexibility and a willingness to test ideas and figure out what can work for all parties involved. In this episode, Christine McKay interviews Andre Champagne, an entrepreneur, international business executive, and inventor, who talks about taking risks and finding success. Andre shares his journey in the film industry and as an inventor. He talks about the importance of negotiating from abundance versus scarcity and why believing in yourself matters so much […]

Episode #2 – Let’s Shake on It: The Power of Informal Contracts with Kevin Thompson

  When you’re building your business through partnerships, some will say you need an iron-clad contract, not so with today’s guest. In this episode, Christine McKay is joined by Kevin Thompson, the Co-Founder of Tribe for Leaders. Kevin has built a multi-million-dollar business without using formal contracts. He’s grown his business by discerning the right people to call partners and then simply shaking hands.  Kevin elaborates on why and how he has done that. He shares some of the successes and tribulations he’s experienced and lessons he learned along the way while building a very successful […]