Episode #21 – One CEO’s Journey to Impact the NHL, NBA, and the Community with Scott O’Neil

  The alpha culture is different than an effective culture,” says today’s guest, Scott O’Neil. Scott is the CEO of Harris Blitzer Sports Entertainment (“HBSE”) which owns the Philadelphia 76ers, the New Jersey Devils, and other world-class sports entertainment brands. In today’s episode, Scott talks with our host, Christine McKay, about the importance of leadership and diversity in negotiation, in the supply chain, and embracing a different approach. He shares more about HBSE’s recently launched […]

Episode #11 – The Invisible Negotiator at the Table with Karla Silva

  In most deals, there are outside influences that impact your negotiations. Sometimes, these have significant sway over your ability to close a deal. In today’s episode, Christine McKay interviews Karla Silva, Vice President of Investor Relations for Vivative Ventures, Inc. When she talks to potential investors in Vivative’s projects, Karla always has an invisible third-party at the table with her. Who is that? It’s the voice of the community in which her project resides. Karla takes us on a tour of the real estate development world and shows us how all the different players come together to deliver large, […]