Episode #29 – Taking Us To School In Guatemala: Negotiating Across Borders With Ron Fortin

IVZ 29 | Negotiating Across Borders

  Any experienced traveler knows that you can’t just copy and paste what you know in the United States to be true and expect it to work in another. This is especially the case when you’re negotiating across borders. Ron Fortin, the founder and CEO of Homeschool Spanish Academy, learned this when traveling to set up a business in Guatemala. In this episode, he shares with Christine McKay the key lessons he learned when working in […]

Episode #6 – Find the Good and Keep Going with Nick Yousif

  What do you get when you combine a lawyer, a comedian, and a chocolate maker? Today’s guest, Nick Yousif, of course. Nick tenaciously pursues his dreams across his varied interests and frequently proves his naysayers wrong. In this episode, he joins Christine McKay to share his exciting journey. Nick talks about how he sees himself taking on the big guys in his chocolate business and what he’s doing to maintain control of his products, vision, goals, and how that informs his negotiation strategy.  He also talks about how he used comedy to relieve tension in […]