Episode #20 – Negotiation Is Going To The Horses with Hannah Zapletal

  Knowing your value, understanding your counterpart’s needs, and building trust are foundational negotiation principles. So, what in the heck do horses have to do with it? Join Christine McKay on today’s episode as she explores the answer with Hannah Zapletal, Owner of WildeWood Farm in suburban Atlanta, GA. Hannah provides valuable insights on understanding the value we deliver to clients, reading people, and building a trust-based business. Join Christine and Hannah for this back-to-basics conversation about how lessons learned in the horse paddock and on the ranch can inform your negotiations.   — Watch the episode here: Listen […]

Episode #3 – Sales & Negotiation: Navigating the Intersection with Che Brown

  Knowing what problems you are solving for your clients and giving them the highest service level allows you to discover opportunities to negotiate more successfully. Today’s guest, Che Brown, helps entrepreneurs maximize their sales by offering some of the world’s best sales training programs at Sales Team Guru. Che is the Founder of The Happy Entrepreneur Network and the host of the Happy Entrepreneur Show. Listen as he joins Christine McKay in a conversation that explores the intersections between sales and negotiation and teaches us how to be even better […]