Episode #34 – How To Be Truly Of Service: Knowing Your Non-Negotiables With Bill Walsh

IVZ 34 Bill Walsh | Knowing Your Non-Negotiables

  Negotiation is key to a strong and thriving business, but not everything in life is up for haggling. To put yourself in a position where you can really provide value and serve, you must hone in on your non-negotiables first. Venture capitalist and business coach Bill Walsh is no stranger to this. The CEO and founder of Powerteam International and host to speaking events all over the world, Bill is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business owners create massive success. He joins Christine McKay in this conversation to talk about this particular aspect of the art […]

Episode #14 – Inventing Opportunities and Negotiating for Success with Andre Champagne

  Sometimes, you just have to dive into the deep end and figure things out on the way. Negotiation requires flexibility and a willingness to test ideas and figure out what can work for all parties involved. In this episode, Christine McKay interviews Andre Champagne, an entrepreneur, international business executive, and inventor, who talks about taking risks and finding success. Andre shares his journey in the film industry and as an inventor. He talks about the importance of negotiating from abundance versus scarcity and why believing in yourself matters so much […]

Episode #10- Dealing with Goliaths: One Small Business’ Experience with Matthew Marini

  Many small and mid-sized businesses get trapped in unfair negotiations, especially in David and Goliath situations, simply because they lack the appropriate skills. If you negotiate with organizations who you think have more power or leverage than you, this episode is a must! Join Christine McKay as she interviews Matthew Marini, President at Agile Resources, an IT staffing and recruiting agency. He has been in this highly competitive industry for nearly 15 years and frequently negotiates with large enterprise companies. Together, Christine and Matthew go over some of the essential skills […]