Episode #16 – Comedy In Negotiation With Chris Tabish

  Mark Twain once said, “Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.“ Even the strongest relationships have conflict, and sometimes negotiation has conflict. But why not laugh when it happens? This is the question that Christine McKay explores with Chris Tabish, author of Comediology and CEO of The Comediology Company. Chris talks about the magic that laughter can bring and how it can be a useful tool for mitigating conflict. He also shares his thoughts on how comedy serves as a critical element in successful relationships and negotiations.   — Watch […]

Episode #10- Dealing with Goliaths: One Small Business’ Experience with Matthew Marini

  Many small and mid-sized businesses get trapped in unfair negotiations, especially in David and Goliath situations, simply because they lack the appropriate skills. If you negotiate with organizations who you think have more power or leverage than you, this episode is a must! Join Christine McKay as she interviews Matthew Marini, President at Agile Resources, an IT staffing and recruiting agency. He has been in this highly competitive industry for nearly 15 years and frequently negotiates with large enterprise companies. Together, Christine and Matthew go over some of the essential skills […]