Episode #41 – Bridging The Fence: Using Interrogation Skills To Negotiate And Vice Versa With Michael Reddington

IVZ 41 | Interrogation Skills

  When people hear the word interrogation, it’s usually associated with crimes or just accusations in general. But what if you can use interrogation skills used in investigations to also close a business deal? Michael Reddington is a Certified Forensic Interviewer and the President of InQuasive. He explains the techniques used in interrogations and how they can be utilized in business negotiations. Michael also details the key differences and similarities between the two and their use in different […]

Episode #27 – Negotiating The Journey From TV To SaaS With Christina Nicholson

IVZ 27 | Podcast Pitching

  With hundreds of thousands of podcast shows these days, PR people have a hard time determining the right one to pitch for. Seeing how a lot could benefit from automating podcast pitching, Christina Nicholson shares how she started Podcast Clout to answer this very purpose. Joining Christine McKay, she looks back on her transition from a TV host to a full-time business owner in the SaaS sector. She explains how exactly the PR community can use […]

Episode #22 – Roman Tirone: An App Developer’s Guide In Negotiation

IVZ 22 | App Developer

  In the negotiating process, one of the main factors that will dictate the outcome is how you present yourself. Christine McKay brings back app developer Roman Tirone for an episode redo, discussing the right way to establish your credibility and eliminate awkwardness. He shares his journey from being groomed into the entertainment industry, only to pivot into a completely different sector because of the pandemic. Emphasizing the negotiation processes commonly encountered by entrepreneurs, he […]