Episode #30 – Negotiating The Detours Of Entrepreneurship With Mitch Russo

IVZ 30 | Detours Of Entrepreneurship

  Successful entrepreneurs make entrepreneurship look easy but it’s almost never a straight line. Before you reach any measure of success, you may have to take a detour or three. Each time that happens, a negotiation ensues between your ears. How do you respond? Do you give up or do you pivot? Do you stagnate or do you innovate? Mitch Russo has had his share of detours before becoming the successful entrepreneur he is now. […]

Episode #22 – Roman Tirone: An App Developer’s Guide In Negotiation

IVZ 22 | App Developer

  In the negotiating process, one of the main factors that will dictate the outcome is how you present yourself. Christine McKay brings back app developer Roman Tirone for an episode redo, discussing the right way to establish your credibility and eliminate awkwardness. He shares his journey from being groomed into the entertainment industry, only to pivot into a completely different sector because of the pandemic. Emphasizing the negotiation processes commonly encountered by entrepreneurs, he […]

Episode #9 – Negotiating from Beginning to End with LV Randolph

  Planning is everything in business, but you can’t plan for everything. So, we negotiate. Join Christine McKay as she sits down with Founder and President of Cambridge Argillite, LV Randolph, to discuss how to navigate the negotiation table, so you don’t flush money down the drain. In today’s episode, we talk about critical factors to consider when negotiating with buyers. We cover everything from understanding your business valuation to learning marketplace trends. LV also talks about the importance of knowing when to call in the cavalry and get help with […]