Episode #9 – Negotiating from Beginning to End with LV Randolph

  Planning is everything in business, but you can’t plan for everything. So, we negotiate. Join Christine McKay as she sits down with Founder and President of Cambridge Argillite, LV Randolph, to discuss how to navigate the negotiation table, so you don’t flush money down the drain. In today’s episode, we talk about critical factors to consider when negotiating with buyers. We cover everything from understanding your business valuation to learning marketplace trends. LV also talks about the importance of knowing when to call in the cavalry and get help with […]

Episode #8 – Your Exit Strategy Matters to Today’s Deals with Livia Jenvey

  During COVID-19, many small businesses are exploring exit options, especially family-owned companies. However, according to today’s guest, Livia Jenvey, an Operations Excellence Expert at Jenvey Consulting, the reality is that nearly 80% of entrepreneurs and founder-owned companies will never be able to sell for the price they feel their business is worth. Join Christine and Livia as they discuss how to prepare for the sale of your business and level the playing field at the negotiation table. Be clear on how you operate, get organized, and be prepared!   — Watch the […]