Episode #36 – Negotiating In The Grocery Aisles: Strategy For Small Businesses With Tim Forrest

IVZ 36 Tim Forrest | Negotiating In The Grocery

  Many food entrepreneurs don’t realize they’re negotiating in the grocery aisles. This episode’s guest is Tim Forrest, a consumer product marketing, branding, and distribution expert with over 30 years of remarkable success. Tim discusses with Christine McKay how small businesses need to place themselves in a position where they have more leverage. Why go to Walmart when you can negotiate in your local neighborhood? Join in the discussion to gain more strategies on negotiation. Don’t […]

Episode #32 – From Nike to Consignment: Capitalizing on the Sneaker Culture With Joamil Rodriguez

  Can you imagine having a successful business by doing something you’re passionate about? From his love for sneakers to making money and owning a business through sneakers consignment, Joamil Rodriguez, owner of LACED Boston, shares with Christine McKay how he got started and a bit of background on how everything went on, including some difficulties he faced along the way. He highlights the importance of partnership and building relationships that helped him grow his business […]