Episode #32 – From Nike to Consignment: Capitalizing on the Sneaker Culture With Joamil Rodriguez

  Can you imagine having a successful business by doing something you’re passionate about? From his love for sneakers to making money and owning a business through sneakers consignment, Joamil Rodriguez, owner of LACED Boston, shares with Christine McKay how he got started and a bit of background on how everything went on, including some difficulties he faced along the way. He highlights the importance of partnership and building relationships that helped him grow his business […]

Episode #23 – How I Negotiated My Game With Aquil Abdullah

  Negotiations happen everywhere, the sports industry included. Athletes live and breathe negotiation, from getting that scholarship, bagging a sports contract, to being drafted into their dream teams. Join Christine McKay as she interviews Aquil Abdullah, the first African-American male to qualify for the Summer Olympics in the sport of rowing. Aquil is currently the Senior Infrastructure Engineer as well as a featured athlete at Hydrow, Inc. He walks us through some of the lessons he learned while training […]