Episode #44 – Growing Successfully: Leveraging Relationships For Business Success With Anita Darden Gardyne

IVZ 44 | Growing Successfully

  Growing successfully is the top goal of many business owners. What do you need to do to reach this goal? We answer that question as Christine McKay interviews CEO and co-founder of Oneva Inc, Anita Darden Gardyne. Anita shares her experiences as a woman of color starting in the telecommunications industry and details her rise. We hear about her struggles to find proper care for her ill father and how that frustration led to the creation […]

Episode #42 – Knowing When To Say No When Selling Your Business With Joyce Marter

IVZ 42 | Selling Your Business

  Knowing when to say ‘No’ does not limit you. Rather, it sets the bar where it benefits you the most. This is the kind of mentality you should carry when selling your business. Host Christine McKay is joined by Joyce Marter, licensed psychotherapist, author, founder of Urban Balance and Brand Ambassador for Refresh Mental Health. Joyce has successfully built and sold her business and came out the other end with invaluable lessons and insights […]

Episode #24 – The Hardest Part of Any Negotiation With Jillian Michaels

  Our preconceived notions can be the undoing of a long-term relationship. Often, people go into a negotiation and make decisions based on short-term outcomes, not thinking about the long-term implications. As a result, they end up losing in the negotiation over time, even if they feel like they won at the moment. In this episode, Christine McKay has a one-on-one talk with Jillian Michaels, a renowned fitness expert and a certified nutritionist, about how to […]

Episode #16 – Comedy In Negotiation With Chris Tabish

  Mark Twain once said, “Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.“ Even the strongest relationships have conflict, and sometimes negotiation has conflict. But why not laugh when it happens? This is the question that Christine McKay explores with Chris Tabish, author of Comediology and CEO of The Comediology Company. Chris talks about the magic that laughter can bring and how it can be a useful tool for mitigating conflict. He also shares his thoughts on how comedy serves as a critical element in successful relationships and negotiations.   — Watch […]

Episode #2 – Let’s Shake on It: The Power of Informal Contracts with Kevin Thompson

  When you’re building your business through partnerships, some will say you need an iron-clad contract, not so with today’s guest. In this episode, Christine McKay is joined by Kevin Thompson, the Co-Founder of Tribe for Leaders. Kevin has built a multi-million-dollar business without using formal contracts. He’s grown his business by discerning the right people to call partners and then simply shaking hands.  Kevin elaborates on why and how he has done that. He shares some of the successes and tribulations he’s experienced and lessons he learned along the way while building a very successful […]

In the Venn Zone: Empowering the Negotiator in You

  Be more confident in every negotiation by learning from insiders that will empower you to get more of what you want while building long-lasting relationships. Welcome to In the Venn Zone with Christine McKay. Tune-in as prominent business leaders, founders, and celebrities share their behind-the-scenes stories of real-life negotiation failures and successes. Discover insightful negotiation concepts you can apply in every area of your life right now. Listen to In the Venn Zone every week to unleash the […]